Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have discovered more environmentally friendly accessories - see "Go Green: Recycled Magazines" below!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Steep or Cheap: Studded Gladiator Sandals

Sandals are key for style on the go, but flip flops that you wear to the beach or to the grocery store are not the right fit for a day at work or a night out on the town. As an alternative, the gladiator sandal has made a comeback and gives the sandal lover a more dressy approach to a flat and comfortable shoe. I never really understood why these are called gladiator sandals, because if my job was to fight 'till the death with lions or stab other men all day, I am not sure an open-toed shoe is the best option, especially when they are as dainty as the ones shown here. I guess in Ancient Roman times steel-toed boots weren't really an option. But I digress.

The steep option in a gladiator sandal is from Piperlime online called Dolce Vita Poppy. This particular shoe was chosen specifically for Banana Republic. The dark brown sandal in leather is a great alternative to the flip flop as it can be dressed up for more special occasions given its 1/2" heel and studded ornaments. It also features an adjustable buckle closure for increased comfort. This sandal is sold for $109 and you can enjoy free shipping online. Visit www.piperlime.com for more information. 

This sandal is very similar to the Piperlime version, but is much cheaper. It comes in a dusty blue suede with brushed metal studs and a strappy adjustable heel. This gladiator sandal is only $19.50 (and is even on sale online for $16.50 right now!). For more information, visit www.oldnavy.com. 

Wear at your own risk - does not protect against Lions!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Go Green: Recycled Magazines - UPDATED!!!

I have been browsing the internet for new accessories and fun home decor and I came across two new recycled magazine products at www.urbanoutfitters.com. They are a recycled vase ($18) and a recycled photo frame ($16). At this rate, we could decorate our entire apartment with recycled magazines. What will they come up with next?

This week's environmentally conscious accessory is for the home. (Yes, I realize that this blog is about fashion accessories, but I make the rules here). I was shopping at Pier 1 last week and I loved their new recycled magazine basket. The basket, made of recycled magazines and newspapers, is handstitched and is a great fabric option for a greener world. The basket sells for $35 (USD) and can be seen online at www.pier1.com. 
And remember, when you are done with the mags you store in here, RECYCLE!

Wal-Mart also carries a similar accessory for the home, made of the same recycled newspapers and magazines. This item is a mirror, sold in a square or round shape. The price for either shape is $38.88. For more information, visit www.walmart.com.                      

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fashion Photography

We have all seen fashion illustrations from the great designers, such as Manolo Blahnik's shoe illustrations, or fashion photography of beautiful supermodels strutting down the runway in Vogue, but less commonly seen are photographs of accessories or fashionable items sans models. Photographer Erika Farrington combined her love of fashion and accessories with her passion for photography, and created works of art that any fashion guru would love to display. Here are just a few. 
All of the photographs pictured here can be purchased in prints of various sizes. If you are interested in purchasing any of the above works, please comment below and I will direct you from there. Erika Farrington is a trained photographer from a well-known Canadian college and is currently working on a freelance basis while she finishes a degree. If you are interested in these photographs or in seeing her other work, please advise below and I would be happy to help you! Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Girl Can Dream: My Wish List

One of my favourite past times is to browse designer websites and pick out all of the things I would purchase if I was made of money. Here are some of the items that I came across on my last search:

1. Reed Handbag Drawing Scarf - COACH
This scarf is made of imported silk and measures 27 x 27. I would use it as a neck tie with a plain white t-shirt to dress it up for work, or tie it on one of my handbags to add some punch. The cost of this scarf is $68, which is not bad compared to some of the other items on my list! www.coach.com.
2. Miranda Canvas Satchel - COACH
This bag is beautiful! Not only is it big enough to hold everything I own, but it is yellow, which is very hot this summer. The bag also comes in orange, which is a fun summer hue. The trim is leather and the main is canvas. The bag retails at $598. www.coach.com.
3. Ombre Three-Strand Necklace - BANANA REPUBLIC
This necklace reminds me of being outside, and that is why I love it. I always wear chunky beaded necklaces but I love how this one combines three strands, as well as three very earthy colours. The necklace also comes in orange and purple shades and retails for $59. www.bananarepublic.com.
4. Cutout Bootie - MANOLO BLAHNIK
It is a huge dream of mine to own a pair of Manolos and one day I plan to achieve that goal, but for now, let's drool over these gorgeous shoes made of patent leather with a red lining. The bootie has a peep toe, open sides and a zip-up back. Could they be any sexier? The only part that is not amazing is the price: $785. The heel is over 4" high so they may require some practice, but who wouldn't be willing to put the work in for those? www.neimanmarcus.com.
5. Izzy Sunglasses - KATE SPADE
I think everyone needs a solid pair of aviators, and I have yet to own a pair. If I could afford to spend the $168 that these puppies are worth, they would be mine! They are worth the price though given their light weight, scratch resistant lenses and 100% UV protection. www.katespade.com
Until next time, I will keep dreaming!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh Canada!

In honour of Canada Day, I am branching out from accessories to discuss fashion in general - albeit Canadian fashion. For those of you who like to support our local talent, here are a few hot Canadian brands to peruse:

1. Loyal Loot Clothing

Established in 2004, Loyal Loot is comprised of all Canadian women, more specifically artist Lindsay Sutton and furniture designer Doha Chebib in the clothing department. The company, now in Calgary, also designs and sells furniture and home accessories. For fashion, Loyal Loot designs items that encourage layering, such as chunky belts, vests, hats, dresses and cropped sweaters. Check out the pictures above to the left and right for samples of some of their products. Visit their website for more information and more hot items at http://www.loyalloot.com.

2. Smythe Les Vestes

Also established in 2004, Smythe's products are all made in Canada. The company, started by two Canadian women, is best
 known for its tailored
 jackets and coats. Their famous pieces have been spotted in many magazines, including Harper's Bazaar and Teen Vogue. Celebrities Kate Hudson, Jessica Simpson and Rachel Bilson have also been spotted wearing the Canadian jackets. See the photos to the left and right or visit their website at http://www.smythelesvestes.com for more products.

3. Kersh

I don't know much about this line, but I do know that it is 100% Canadian. The style is laid back, sexy and very boho-chic (see below). For more information on their products please visit their website at http://www.kersh.ca. 

Go Green: Pop Tab Accessories

Living an eco friendly life is getting easier by the day, with new and improved cleaning products, hybrid cars, energy-efficient appliances, and the list goes on. But now we can truly live a green life, sporting accessories that are made of recycled materials, such as pop tabs. But like most other things that are new and unique, they aren't giving these things away. 

One place to find these pop-ular (okay, bad pun) items is Escama. Escama Studio sells  pop-tab purses, jewelry, belts and clutches  online at www.escamastudio.com. Here are a few of their choices:
1. Tonia Clutch with Wrist Strap - $82
2.Socorro Medium Shoulder Bag - $105
3. Masha Medium Shoulder Bag - $180

For more information, visit their website. If you know of any other retailers for pop tab accessories, let me know by commenting below!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Steep or Cheap: Enamel Bangles

This week's edition of Steep or Cheap is all about bangles. The bangle, originally a traditional Indian piece of jewelry that women wore after they got married, is a staple piece of jewelry for every woman, and some men. The inflexible bracelet can be chunky and cool, or it can be thin and delicate for an elegant night out. As the styles change and trends form, bangles also change, but the concept of the bangle remains a must-have. The style today is the enamel bangle.

The steep option in white enamel bangles is the Miranda Signature Hinged Enamel Bangle (pictured below) from Coach. The gold-plated solid brass bracelet, with gold and white enamel signature Coach pattern, sells for $138. To order online, visit http://www.coach.com/content/product.aspx?product_no=10856&category_id=1122.

If Coach is a bit out of your league, labels such as Banana Republic also carry cute bangles. The cheap choice for this week is the Enamel Crisscross Bangle (pictured below) from BR. The 14-karat gold plated bracelet comes in four colours and retails for only $39. Visit http://www.bananarepublic.com/browse/product.do?cid=13896&pid=577380&scid=577380042 to see the product online.

Whether your wallet is busting at the seams, or designer jewelry is just a dream, enamel bangles can be a great staple in your jewelry box - no matter what your budget may be!