Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh Canada!

In honour of Canada Day, I am branching out from accessories to discuss fashion in general - albeit Canadian fashion. For those of you who like to support our local talent, here are a few hot Canadian brands to peruse:

1. Loyal Loot Clothing

Established in 2004, Loyal Loot is comprised of all Canadian women, more specifically artist Lindsay Sutton and furniture designer Doha Chebib in the clothing department. The company, now in Calgary, also designs and sells furniture and home accessories. For fashion, Loyal Loot designs items that encourage layering, such as chunky belts, vests, hats, dresses and cropped sweaters. Check out the pictures above to the left and right for samples of some of their products. Visit their website for more information and more hot items at

2. Smythe Les Vestes

Also established in 2004, Smythe's products are all made in Canada. The company, started by two Canadian women, is best
 known for its tailored
 jackets and coats. Their famous pieces have been spotted in many magazines, including Harper's Bazaar and Teen Vogue. Celebrities Kate Hudson, Jessica Simpson and Rachel Bilson have also been spotted wearing the Canadian jackets. See the photos to the left and right or visit their website at for more products.

3. Kersh

I don't know much about this line, but I do know that it is 100% Canadian. The style is laid back, sexy and very boho-chic (see below). For more information on their products please visit their website at 


Mrs. Garciaparra said...

i love love love the party frock from loyal loot. so cute!
thanks for the designer tip - keep up the great ideas!

Miranda Z said...

Some good info here. I like your style!