Thursday, July 3, 2008

Go Green: Pop Tab Accessories

Living an eco friendly life is getting easier by the day, with new and improved cleaning products, hybrid cars, energy-efficient appliances, and the list goes on. But now we can truly live a green life, sporting accessories that are made of recycled materials, such as pop tabs. But like most other things that are new and unique, they aren't giving these things away. 

One place to find these pop-ular (okay, bad pun) items is Escama. Escama Studio sells  pop-tab purses, jewelry, belts and clutches  online at Here are a few of their choices:
1. Tonia Clutch with Wrist Strap - $82
2.Socorro Medium Shoulder Bag - $105
3. Masha Medium Shoulder Bag - $180

For more information, visit their website. If you know of any other retailers for pop tab accessories, let me know by commenting below!

1 comment:

Erms said...

Those bags are so cool.
I saw one that was made outta wrappers.