Monday, July 21, 2008

Steep or Cheap: Studded Gladiator Sandals

Sandals are key for style on the go, but flip flops that you wear to the beach or to the grocery store are not the right fit for a day at work or a night out on the town. As an alternative, the gladiator sandal has made a comeback and gives the sandal lover a more dressy approach to a flat and comfortable shoe. I never really understood why these are called gladiator sandals, because if my job was to fight 'till the death with lions or stab other men all day, I am not sure an open-toed shoe is the best option, especially when they are as dainty as the ones shown here. I guess in Ancient Roman times steel-toed boots weren't really an option. But I digress.

The steep option in a gladiator sandal is from Piperlime online called Dolce Vita Poppy. This particular shoe was chosen specifically for Banana Republic. The dark brown sandal in leather is a great alternative to the flip flop as it can be dressed up for more special occasions given its 1/2" heel and studded ornaments. It also features an adjustable buckle closure for increased comfort. This sandal is sold for $109 and you can enjoy free shipping online. Visit for more information. 

This sandal is very similar to the Piperlime version, but is much cheaper. It comes in a dusty blue suede with brushed metal studs and a strappy adjustable heel. This gladiator sandal is only $19.50 (and is even on sale online for $16.50 right now!). For more information, visit 

Wear at your own risk - does not protect against Lions!

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